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24 January 2011


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What do you know about people who's pteanrs were Polish but lived only in Volyn (or Volhynia). This part of Poland is now part of Ukraine , and my family lived there for years until they immigrated to Israel shortly before Hitler invaded. Is it all the same for them? Is it easy to find documents in the archives of Volyn? Daniela


Genetic hair loss, or Alopecia, (the scientific name for Female Pattern Baldness), is said to aoncuct for 95% of female hair loss.Hormone swings or imbalances: Childbirth is a time when a lot of women start losing hair. This is normal and temporary. As soon as your hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, your hair will start to re-growThyroid imbalances: Consult a doctor for this matter. This type of hair loss is a symptom of a more serious problem. However, it can be treated, and then your hair will re-grow.Menopause is another time when women’s hormones change. Almost 37% of women experience hair thinning after menopause. This is usually temporary, but your doctor can tell you more about it.Serious Health Issues: Certain medical conditions, some prescription drugs, or severe illness (such as cancer) may contribute to hair loss. Again, this is usually temporary, but your health care provider will be able to advise you.But Don’t panic! Provillus will help save your beautiful hair, that’s good news, because Provillus for Women can help prevent thinning hair due to FPB, and support the re-growth of your own natural hair.

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