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20 January 2011


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Interesting post and cneommts. In my opinion the danger of religion (at least some of them) is that they want you to believe in stuff that doesn't exist. Miracles, gods, devils, I find it incredible that people can believe such things, but I suspect they do in order to make sense to their lives. I'm probably being a dick here but having grown in a religious country (Italy), I can't stand for these things anymore.I would also like to put a warning on history of religions. History was written by men with power, and the bible itself was rewritten many different times, so what you are studying right now might be very different from what the original message was. It's still kind of interesting and fascinating though.


I guess it must make you feel like a big man to shoot a defenseless anmail from a distance with a weapon that allows you to be far enough away so you feel safe. Why don't you approach the elephant on a one on one basis without a rifle & fight like a man . Oh yeah but then you would lose & get hurt in the process. There is no possible reason in this day & age for an educated person to shoot any anmail unless it's for food & I don't think this was the case here. You are a dispicable person & in the end we are all God's creatures so you will eventually have to answer to Him

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