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15 January 2011


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Dear Charity,It is precisely this kind of cotanemmry what you've posted here that keeps me coming back.For different reasons, perhaps, I have felt exactly what you are feeling. It is hard to be honest about oneself in front of others. Egads, we all want to belong , at least to a degree, and being different, or divergent, just gets tiring much of the time. There's a sentence written by Phil Yancey I particularly like: I am too conservative for my liberal friends and too liberal for my conservative friends (or something like that). I especially liked this candid remark of yours:It was so hurtful to be rejected by people who were close to me, just because I stopped believing in god.I get that. Odd, though, that I was rejected by people who were close to me because I started believing in God. But rejection is rejection, and it hurts. I would just urge you to be careful, as those who were once close to you might feel rejected by you because you've rejected their God, their religion, and thus their companionship. Seriously, I don't know how you can be candid about your new convictions without seemingly hurting others, or making them feel dumb or irrational or less-than-best. It's a tough spot for anyone. I don't envy your position. Honesty is hard, that's for sure. And, by the way, you might be a weak atheist, but I am a weak theist. Very weak. (Isn't there an old Christian truth hidden in there, that strength is perfected in weakness?)Peace to you.BG

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