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July 28, 2020


Leon Garcia Garagarza

Possums Mr. and ms. Marsupials/gratefully hand us your bags./
Our Nahua Tlacuatzin ("Revered ("litle") eater of things") /Equals English possum somehow, your/whatever yiu can do,/ while
Some Spanish colonist decided /to call you "Zarigüeya"/ when he saw you/,long ago.//
I don't know why or how he did it,/ but he was sure/ lost in the Americas,/
in our Anahuac/ in the place ringed by water,/
where the revered ("little")/ eater of things happily/ thrives.

R Nichols

'sollicited' – a typo, or am I missing something clever? Of course, 'solicit' is from the Latin 'sollicitare' (to stir or agitate), so perhaps I have ... Or maybe it was simply spelled thus in Coke's day ... Or ... With a poem, speculation is, and should be, endless.

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