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November 18, 2019


edward rackley

"... current American philosophy, which [...] pursues answers to philosophical questions from within the bubble of the small sector of contemporary American culture that it takes for reality itself." Crippling indictment, wholly accurate. It's repeated in other realms of American society, including our political culture and foreign policy, not just under Trump, but generally. It's like we only see reflections of America when we look beyond our shores, a willful blindness or fata morgana. Why is this so pervasive and rarely noticed or interrogated?


Well-written, and thanks. I think you undersell rigor - it is present in your work. Perhaps moreso.


zippy la low bogey and down, thanks !

David Keith Johnson

Ecstatic Rationalism! A two word effervescent poem, delightful and so provocative. Merci, Professor Smith.


Having myself abandoned American philosophy graduate school in 1976, I see your point. However, I think little of being erudite for its own sake and am not impressed by the writings of Walt Whitman. You have sort of backed yourself into a corner, because academic philosophy is a joke and your eloquent writing could never be popular enough to provide a significant income. Perhaps, living in Europe, you could follow an ancient European tradition and find yourself a wealthy patron, though that too has disadvantages.

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