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May 13, 2017



Agreed. Social media is his game. But any two bit comic can humiliate him to slither back under his rock. You have to make him feel like the little shit he is (the most human thing about Trump is his asshole, in my opinion) If not now, then earlier on, if someone shouted the man down he wouldn't seem like such a big pimp. Shouting him down and not shining the spot light on him. He is a supreme circus freak and can be whipped into his freaking cage.
His charisma according to Randall Collins the sociologist comes from all the attention he gleans. Any publciity being good publciity.

David Keith Johnson


Please don't mistake my thought - that you are reading my thoughts - as a suggestion that I regard myself an intellectual peer of yours.

Nevertheless, I am moved to add a footnote to your essay: As you say, Trump continues as advertised since he first emerged from the primordial goo of celebrity many, many years ago. No surprises whatsoever. I see our task for the next four year as twofold:

1) Limit the damage he does as best we can. There are arguments that the confused, inept horror he brings is not as bad as the prospects of Pence aligned with both houses of the legislature to do even greater harm.

2) Address the issues that moved a critical mass of Americans to knowingly drive the car into a ditch rather than continue with the status quo. The requires a programmatic match up of societal needs (e.g., infrastructure development,) human capital, (the mass of underemployed,) and apparent knowledge gaps between them. We of the opposition need to articulate a thoughtful program, better than the thinking that has been offered to date. I interpret that thinking as a distracted, offhand suggestion that unemployed miners take up hotel/motel management.

Trump, himself, is the grand distraction that makes it difficult for us to get rid of him. The social media storm enjoys being a storm, has no thought of dissolving itself into solutions.

Thanks for continuing to think, feel and speak out about all of it. I look forward to reading more from you.


I do wish everybody in the world would read this piece.

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