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November 12, 2016


Paul Grange

"Americans are, right now, understandably, terrified about state repression and the destruction of civil society within the country’s borders, and this fear has tended so far to hide from their view the global shockwaves of Trump’s election. Undocumented workers in California are terrified, as are Muslim students who have to go to school wearing headscarves in Texas (two reports I’ve received over the last two days, from people who, I know, do not cry wolf); the citizens of Estonia, Georgia, even Finland, are terrified too. What Trump’s election likely means, within the next few years, is a full restoration of the Russian Empire at its maximum historical reach, with no check on its treatment of the nations it engulfs. Is it still ‘red-baiting’ to bring up this scenario? Is it ‘red-baiting’ even if we consider Russia from the perspective of the longue durée as a single continuous entity from the Tsarist era to today?"

So, greashopper, how's all the terror and scardy-cat crap looking now? Consider please that you are actually intellectually insane.

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