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September 17, 2016


Abbas Raza

Thank you, Justin, for this lovely remembrance of a lovely man. The first time I met Ken was at your wedding and I was immediately impressed by his curiosity and his liking for (and it obviously mutual) young people. He went to a party with us late that night and he and I spent some time speaking to a young McGill student who claimed to be the grandson of David Packard of Hewlett Packard. It was great fun to hang out with him. It makes me sad, too, that I will never see him or his like again.

Abbas Raza

Oh, and just by the way, when Packard's supposed grandson and I drunkenly complimented each other on the neckties we happened to be wearing, Ken encouraged us to exchange them, which we did. I still have that young man's tie somewhere.

morgan meis

beautiful, sir ... the man lives for me, now.

Sughra Raza

Justin, a most moving, beautifully felt and written tribute to a most interesting man. He comes alive in your description.
With deep sympathy
Love, Ga

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