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July 25, 2016


Greg Bacon

BALONEY! Anytime Hillary the Crook gets caught trashing democracy or stealing money, she squeals its the Russians or some other nonsense.

Face it, your candidate is so flawed, so corrupt and so loathsome that she could never win a race unless she steals the results.

Jack Democrat

Wait, is it bacon or baloney? I mean Donald Trump IS a ham sandwich. Just wasn't sure it was covered in creepy Russian Mayonnaise.

Lorenzo from Oz

Economist Scott Sumner provides an example of the aforementioned "decent right".

While this conversation between Rod Dreher and J D Vance is worth reading to understand important underlying social dynamics and the connection to Trump's appeal.

Tyler Innis

Julian Assange makes a pretty obvious attempt to discredit the notion of a Russian source for the DNC emails on his recent Democracy Now appearance.


Russia and the US and China will all need to become one superpower in order to stave off the worldwide Islamicist revolution intent on destroying not only Western Civ, but the entire planet. If you don't understand that by now then you're understanding of the current geo-political situation is remedial at best. We are at the beginning of World War 4. Allies need to be made.

Edward Mycue

Donald Trump appears a willing tool of anyone or group who he thinks will elevate him to power.


Interesting opinion... Anyway it would be better to make own conclusions rather than trust to rumors. You know, a month ago I ordered paper from WriteThesisOnline. on free political topic. So, writer claimed original idea about Trump: he is unpredictable; despite of he supports russian politic, he should "betray" it in nearest future.
And if so, he will do right!


Really enjoying these comments now ;) Also, would love to hear Prof. Smith's thoughts about Trump and Russia in light of recent developments.

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