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November 17, 2015



I agree with much of what you say, though maybe from a less left-wing (or maybe more old-fashioned left wing) perspective perhaps


 Leon Garcia Garagarza

Great piece. Let me just observe that States are here for the duration, so we are obligated to actively deal with the policies they are to implement in our (that is, their citizens') name. Most likely, the Terror of History is part and parcel of the human condition, so that not even a stateless society will "solve problems"-- we need to act within each contingent, historical problem in the best possible way, with the full acknowledgement that for each "solution" a thousand new "problems" will sprout. History is a Hydra.

Caroline Muir

Interesting that you draw a distinction between the young and the old. I believe a more illuminating dichotomy is between men and women. The group most affected by fundamentalist ideology of any stripe - not just Daesh -- is women. The enslavement and control of women is viewed as ancillary rather than as the root it really is and without which these ideologies could not function. Assuming there are one billion Muslims worldwide and half of that number are women that is 500,000,000 women. Then factor in the number of women oppressed in varying degrees under the fundamentalist ideologies of Christianity and Judaism worldwide. This is a human rights crisis of a magnitude greater than any other before it. If the world is truly interested in eradicating fundamentalist violence, then the world must be serious about emancipating women.

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