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September 22, 2015



I have an alternate question after reading many pages:
have you ever try to know what's in Al-Koran pages?
(it's not religious question or what field else! just personal blab!)
Thanks for Info, also Thank you for your tidy wording 'n phrase structures. I like your penciling texts...
I think it's about 10 hours, that I drown in your pages, but I left just one or two another comment except this.

Maurice Lanselle

Given that you only promise a collation of cutting-room-floor out-takes worth saving, what can readers say? Find fault with facts in mostly anecdotal "he said she said" accounts? Hardly.
Nor can one complain about omissions from such a sausage, can one?
There are interesting and important related questions. "What is nationality, and what for?" might be one of them. Is sedent[ar]ism versus nomadism to be, as some (economists) have predicted for forty years, a class right question, with a global (nomad) elite and everyone else pretty well pegged?
If you haven't already (hard to guess from the disclaimer,etc.) consider consulting the Council of Europe and E.U agency project http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/roma/ . Also, not specifically Nomad versus Sendentary but about 'race' and other classes, http://www.davidpapineau.co.uk/blog/race-ethnicity-and-joining-the-club , which I think neglects the "born-into" effect imposed by family (like religiion).

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