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May 14, 2015



Most Professional Philosophers seem to treat philosophy as an end unto itself. You are the first I've come across in decades who understands that the goal of philosophy is to examine and understand the world - that philosophic methods are just a tool for that purpose, much as each science has it's own toolset.

There are quite a number of writers I'd love to share a bottle of wine with as we discussed the world. You're the first philosopher that I'd like to meet. I agree with your idea of putting yourself in the writing camp. You are an excellent writer, partly by philosophic training but - I suspect - mostly by intuition and personal taste and sense of values.

You have the intellectual capacity to realize the limits of pure intellectualism and will do more good and gain more satisfaction as a philosophical writer than a writing philosopher.

"Of all that I hold Possible,
only this I Know:
My wisdom only takes me
where my folly wants to go."

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