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May 1, 2015



It has been very painful to hear the discussion around the PEN award as a fan of Charlie Hebdo. Throughout all of the controversies, I have tried to sympathize with people who find their humour offensive or racist but normally end up laughing far too hard when they try to give examples. Humor is, indeed, important and denounced for good reason in religious and philosophical traditions. It is too anarchical to be easily controlled.

Thank you for the well researched article on the US media's failure to do a proper investigation of either Charlie Hebdo or humor in radical Islam. (Not to say that Muslims do not have a great sense of humor... many of France's best comedians are Muslim, at least culturally so.) As Charlie Hebdo always maintained, Muslims are capable of understanding satire, even if religious traditions tend to discourage humor in their adherents.

I am shocked to see major publications publish "think pieces" by people who have never read the magazine and admit as much.

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