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October 18, 2014



"Man, what is the name of this logical fallacy? It's not begging the question, but it's something like it: defining the concept in question so narrowly, in a way that is so closely honed to one's desired outcome, that one cannot fail to be right."

Isn't this what you've done with your idiosyncratically narrow definition of "atheism" as applied to your own beliefs and practices, Justin? You have in the past defined "God" in so broad a manner as to turn every atheist humanist into one of the faithful.

I say this, not just to bust your balls, but also to try in good faith to reconcile your various writings.


Is the fallacy in question the No True Scotsman?


Wow! Somebody had a great mental field trip! That's what happens when foreigners travelling to the Balkans want an exotic backdrop for their musings, you get a mess like this that doesn't even scratch the surface of the diversity of real, lived life here.


Kosovo is in all sense a failed experiment. These guys cannot manage themselves and are a source of lot of crime and other lawlessness across Europe. Furthermore, the statement that "ejection, widespread among Kosovars, of the idea of the ethnic state" is simply not true. If it is up to them, they would have kicked out all the others, as they have when they could. There is no mention to the 300K people that left Kosovo after the war. Nor that the war atrocities were committed by Albanians as well. Seems like a musing of someone who is sympathizing with Kosovo Albanians.

Jonathan Davis

“persons…of humanitarian and reformist disposition constantly went out to the Balkan Peninsula to see who was in fact ill-treating whom, and, being by the very nature of their perfectionist faith unable to accept the horrid hypothesis that everybody was ill-treating everybody else, all came back with a pet Balkan people established in their hearts as suffering and innocent, eternally the massacree and never the massacrer.” – Rebecca West, “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon”.

You are the cliché.

You have selected your pet ethnic group and feel the need to fight for your chosen tribe.

It will pass.

Spend some time in the other parts of the Balkans and see if you can honestly maintain your Slavophobia. The cognitive dissonance will sting.


No mention of the Serbia v Albania soccer/football match on October 14th that turned into a brawl "after a drone [flew] above the pitch, lowering a flag bearing an insignia of ‘Greater Albania"?



I have to make some corrections to this article, that I don't expect anyone to know them anyway.

> fezzes

Nobody wears fezzes in Kosovo. Those are called qeleshe. And they are not "Muslim hats," they are not associated with Islam. It has been used all over Mediterranean before, in Greece where it was known as πῖλος, Latin speaking areas pellis etc. It's just a remnant from ancient times that somehow is still used in Kosovo.

> the admirative mood simply must have mutated into 'the sarcastic mood'

Calling it admirative is a misnomer, not a mutation. Apparentive/observational mood would perhaps be better. Those verbs can express surprise, but also doubt, irony and sarcasm. When you start sentences with "apparently" they can be sentences expressing surprise, or irony; it all depends on the tone. That's how you can understand it, if you ever go back to it again.

> thanks to the crucial lexical studies of the German linguist Franz Bopp.

To elaborate, Albanian was long noted to have IE words, it was juts thought all of them were loanwords from nearby language. The entire numeral system for example was thought to be of Venetian origin. It wasn't.

> No mention of the Serbia v Albania soccer/football

It's off topic but OK.

The drone didn't start anything, it only culminated an on-going problem of the Serbian fans, and frankly it was the only thing Albanian fans did in the match. Serbian fans threw flairs and fireworks at Albanian players, they chanted nationalistic death threats, had been trying for some time to hit the Albanian players with objects, and the stadium security abused the Albanian players after the drone thing.

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