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February 2, 2014



Also worth mentioning that Wittig and Butler both questioned the usefulness of the sex/gender distinction as illegitimately naturalizing sex.

But the Fall's cover of "Lost in Music" should also be mentioned.


As a philosopher, I thought you might provide a more detached view of a divisive issue. I hope we have not arrived at the point where philosophical enquiry involves ridiculing the opposition and manning the barricades on the one side before the other is even given a hearing. It may even be possible that the French traditionalists have something of value to contribute to a dialog on human sexuality. I realize that mass rallies offer little of value other than to fire up supporters, and I would even grant you that American pop music at a French rally is horrid to contemplate. But perhaps a little distancing to try to understand why a significant fraction of the French population should embrace such views would promote a better understanding on both sides of the issue.

And why should they? What insecurity causes these people to vehemently oppose same-sex marriage and gender studies? Might it be the underlying recognition of the fluidity of human sexuality which, through gender studies, might interfere (through the intellect) with the biological imperative to reproduce? And so they fear being left with no descendants, surveying grim decay and death’s void, without even leaving some genetic material in the French population as a lasting legacy of their momentary existence.

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