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January 1, 2014



(man is 5 --> the devil is 6) ^
(the devil is 6 --> GOD IS 7)



Some guy reading this blog

As an anarcho-communistic-pantheistical-agnostic-Christian-atheist I very much enjoy reading your thoughts on religion. I especially like the idea of religion as a living poem. Thanks!

morgan meis


Just getting to reading this now. Love it. As you know, I can't personally see how the "living poem" works without the actual poetry of the liturgy and the sacraments. To me, that is where the rubber of the poetry hits the road of "me" as an acting agent, an instantiator of the word. Or something like that. To put it stupidly, the thing that solves the problem of going to church is just going to church.

Regardless, I was reminded in reading this and a few other of your more recent posts that you may be the smartest and most learned person I know, and I know some smart fuckin people. The discussion of your fearful assholishness in the face of the modern world was very funny and very authentic. (I've seen you get like that a couple times, though I very much understand and forgive).

So, you continue to write incredibly smart and thoughtful things while, at the same time, engaging in a very human and honest interrogation of yourself as a human being struggling with the unavoidable realization that having faith actually means something. That's a pretty good place to be, me thinks.




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