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October 23, 2013


E. Thomas Lawson, Honorary Professor, Queen's University Belfast

I heartily endorse this letter to the New York Times

Tina Magazzini

39. Tina Magazzini, University of Deusto, Spain, and Central European University, Hungary

Abraham Adams

Please add my name to this.

Abraham Adams, Editor, Ugly Duckling Presse


Please add my nume to this - Mona Nicoară, filmmaker, Our School www.ourschoolfilm.blogspot.com

Lynne Tammi, National Co-ordinator, Article 12 in Scotland

I endorse this letter.

Get Real

The Roma are a plague on Europe and their culture is both brutal and debased.

The entire argument of your letter is that "this speech has been acceptable since the end of WW2". It only superficialyl address the only important issue, which is whether the allegations are true or false. No amount of thoughtpolicing is going to change the unpleasant fact that Gypsies are crooks and scoundrels.

Brian Murray

I support this letter. Brian Murray - founder of Arete Youth Foundation (www.areteyouth.org) - supporting the development of leaders and mentors in the Roma community.

Atanas Zahariev

I support this letter- Atanas Zahariev, gender research fellow at European Roma Rights Centre

Marianne Vardalos

Please add my name to this letter.

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