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July 6, 2013


Joseph Hutchison

First, no 60-something American ever, ever heard the word "gams" in conversation; in a late-night TV movie from the '40s, maybe, but the term was by 1950 a complete anachronism.

Second, I agree with every other point you make—as long as we're clear that a funny obscene joke may get you splashed with a glass of wine at a party and you have no right to whine about it. Deep-sixing political correctness involves risk, as it should. If you don't like risk, don't stray from the social norm. If you stray, expect to be punished. By definition, if you aren't punished you haven't really strayed.

Bottom line: Shock is good for the soul, though by itself is pointless. The obscene joke (you offer no example; I wonder why) may be funny, but if the humor is not revelatory the shock will have low motility. If the shock is potent, the punishment will only make it more so.


I don't get this piece. You attribute a form of knee-jerk PC-ness to 'progressives', you then mention responses by corporate media as supporting your assertion that knee-jerk PC-ness is something 'progressives' suffer from. Are you under the impression that media hosts and commentators, along with members of the ACLU, should count as meaningfully 'leftist'? Given that almost all of those formulations such as 'vertically challenged' come into being because of (threat of) litigation, shouldn't you be focusing more on being bothered by the fact that legalism rules (your) culture? I see certain parallels with the story told here: http://jacobinmag.com/2013/06/edward-snowden-and-the-american-condition/


"First, no 60-something American ever, ever heard the word "gams" in conversation; in a late-night TV movie from the '40s, maybe, but the term was by 1950 a complete anachronism."

Mr. Hutchison, I recall a comic book, ca. 1966, wherein a bad guy getting his butt kicked by Batman actually pauses to notice the run in Batgirl's tights and exclaim, "What gams!" and gets clocked. The term entered my kid's provisional lexicon of Current Adult Expressions.

My wife did not read this comic book but does refer to MY legs as gams. Favorably.

I also feel sure that Robert A. Heinlein must have used it after 1960, certainly after 1950.

John Quindell


This blog’s about a guy who offended people (in PC central—Seattle) by standing on a campus with a sign reading “I AM NOT GAY.” He also angered people with signs like: “IS THIS SIGN ANTI-SEMITIC?”

His sign “BEAT WOMEN” was especially clever in reminding people they need to read the fine print, and when he had the sign “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE” the police came and threatened to take him to jail.


We get it - its all about you. You are a privileged, entitled, upper middle class snot who likes to troll the rest of us with his "politically incorrect" musings about fags and jews, etc. Can we just pay you a bunch of money to shut up??

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