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June 12, 2013


Antti Nannimus

Hi Dylan,

Please ask Cathy to inform Justin that any obligation to Neil or whomever else is redeemed in full. However I still wonder, and what hasn't been made clear, is whether or not the Gogards depend for their sustenance on sufficient availability of either няк or nâk in their regional recipes for Poulet Frit à la Kentucky? It couldn't possibly be much good without it.

Have a nice day!

Stephen Menn

Excellent--always pleased to see another imaginary tribe, they're my favorite feature. You've clearly put both your study of the Jesuit Relations and your immersion in New Jerseyan to good use. And the topical reference to Makginsky is, as the apparently apocryphal monarch told Sir Christopher Wren, artificial and awful.

Antti Nannimus


I wish a portable, hard-bound [leather], collected, volume of The Imaginary Tribes could be made available, because many readings are needed to discern the multiple levels of meaning. Unless, of course, there are actually no levels, and I'm an idiot.

Have a nice day!

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