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April 2, 2013


Stephen Menn

There's a somewhat similar (but much funnier) story in the Indian tradition, in Dandin's Dashakumaracarita, about the ascetic Marici. There must be an English translation--I've read it, and I'm sure it wasn't in Sanskrit.

Élan Reisner

Thanks for this! I wasn't aware of this particular piece of philosophical lore. Nietzsche's silence about Aristotle's marriage is indeed remarkable, but was he perhaps thinking of Phyllis and Alexander when he staged this photo with Lou-Andreas Salomé and Paul Rée?


Jacob Abolafia

What an excellent, erudite, and thoughtful post! Thanks for this, definitely going to share with my undergraduates today (though I'll be showing them a different image, dated to a 16th century German master).



Excellent! However, Hegel did marry, when he was around 40, a 20 year old woman from a prominent family. They had two sons, one of whom was a well-regarded historian.

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