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April 6, 2013


David T.


I bring to you attention the following:


Would you characterize Maddow's three clarifications at the end as "jabbering"?



I'd say that #2 rather takes the force out of the appeal to responsibility made in #1. If it really is entirely up to each individual to determine the 'if and when', and perhaps to determine that the 'when' is a 'never', then what is the sense of the preceding talk of ethical duty?


Man, you take yourself entirely too seriously. On behalf of all of us mere gay plebs, we thank you for your enlightened "critque" of not only our political strategy but the very nature of our identity and existence! Normally, these contrarian praises for closeted premodern repressive sexuality are made by aging gay radicals who mistakenly internalized abjection for liberation. I have some sympathy for them as this reflexive separatism occurs when any minority movement begins to assimilate into the majority culture. A straight white middle class privileged academic has no such excuse.

Just because you claim to be a radical, leftist, and/or anarchist doesn't excuse you from making homophobic arguments in the guise of the trendy critical theory flavor of the month. Queer theory, while interesting for a few years in the 90s as a thought experiment, went off the rails when it became divorced from gay activism and was appropriated by heterosexuals to further their academic careers.

Critical theory in general has become the worst enemy of the left - anti-foundational, anti-normative, anti-empirical, it sucks the life out of any real politics, leaving only a cynical quietism ineffective against the forces of neoliberalism and religious fundamentalism.

Thanks but no thanks for the "not-so internal" critique - it reeks of marxist "false consciousness" for the majority to tell a minority that rights are just a bourgeois delusion and to suck it up until the revolution.

PS - If you think gay desire and identity are not inherent, immutable, or naturally foundational, then I challenge you to magically induce gay desire in yourself as an empirical test of your theory. I have never had a straight queer theorist take up that challenge!

PPS - Lady gaga may not be a sophisticated litcriter but she she gives hope and pride to many kids who are trying to come to terms with being gay in a cruel world. I'll take the simplistic and reductive "born this way" over abstract cynicism anyday if it will save lives.


etseq, A question: Is it your position that one cannot be happy for societal developments that make things easier for gays and especially gay youth, the Lady GaGa's, the Project Runways, the gay news-anchors, while also trying to form a macro-historical picture of the changes? What on earth is "cynical" about such an endeavor? You paint a picture of the "simplistic" and "reductive" adherents of received categories as life saving heroes, which presumably leaves those who like to think about things just standing there as the kids burn. Get over yourself, you self-styled man of action. Some people can walk and chew gum as the saying goes.


Yes, Rachel Maddow is the moral equivalent of Pat Robertson. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Of course you cite that mediocre fame whore Mark Wunderlich who is too busy cruising Alex Dimitrov at elitist poetry "salons" featured in the New York Times style section to know his head from his ass.

PS - You do a very bad impression of a closet case.

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