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January 27, 2013



I'm starting to think that 'freedom' is subjectively rooted in our first instances of autonomy. I grew up in suburban Toronto where walking and riding my bike to the store wasn't necessarily a significant event, yet it was certainly significant the first time I was allowed to leave the house (with my bike or not) and not have a destination or route I had to follow. I at least have a very strong suspicion that the sensation you describe is the same I feel when am outside without a destination. I do feel some envy however as it would seem your freedom is easier to accomplish!


Your article is very good


Freedom should be treated with caution.


Interesting article


Spinoza called freedom happens wen you least expect it.. At times you cant control it :)


Convenience stores are for many people loci of pure necessity, and to eat while walking would be for them only a last resort under duress from my perspective i agree with this statement

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I like how you articulate especially "They are shabby, stuffy, and uncertain of the social niche they mean to occupy. "

RoseKagwiria Kaburu

I grew in a very remote rural area where there were no toys leave alone bikes.


Freedom redefined.

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