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November 24, 2012


Don Burkins

The challenge - to feel the nature of Paris (or Cambridge), to transcend the spurious distinction. Bon voyage!


Although not rustic and certainly not mountainous - taking the metro to Bois de Boulogne or Bois de Vincennes, while escaping the main thoroughfares can rekindle the call of nature.

Luke Rodgers

I think that if we abandon the idea of an "authentic" relationship with nature, it becomes easier to just get into the woods and naively inhabit the nature/culture divide as we find it.


A certain paragon of 'Naturphilosoph' in my lucky acquaintance I'm reminded of here.
His site: http://arachnoid.com/

"for whom paddling is mere source material" and having done it, wrote thus:


Ibod Catooga

Ha dem negroes ain't never trieded get eat aby alligator and then you like DAMN NATURE YO SCAREY AS SHEET>


This was beautiful; thank you.

ed rackley

Thanks for the mention Justin, much appreciated.

San Antonio Conference

The idea of nature sometimes depends on the person.What it really is in reality sometimes doesn't coinside with the person's perception.We sometimes think ideally rather than realistically.

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