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July 1, 2012



I had the worst coffee of my life at a 7-11 in Copenhagen a few weeks ago. If you really don't care about quality and want a huge cup of caffeine, there's an answer. And there's always Starbucks, even in Europe.


It isn't because they sell espressos that it is of 'quality'.

As for water, sometimes you want mineral water, most of the time you are just thirsty.

Coffee (or wine) is the same to me.

Tea is probably the only thing I don't care for if I don't think it is of quality.


"I like to sip large quantities of coffee, more or less all day, and everything in the Catholic parts of Europe is set up to prevent me from doing this."

Thank you for writing this. It's good to feel less alone in the age of espresso supremacy.


Reproductive health is more than the absence of disease. It is also the ability to decide if and when to reproduce, having access to reproductive health care and family planning services, and being able to have a safe sex life. Poor reproductive health behaviors and practices can result in negative pregnancy and childbirth outcomes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the reproductive system is fragile and easily infected or injured. Although many reproductive issues involve female anatomy, health promotion and education efforts should also include reproductive health information relevant to men. Thanks.


Binge eating does not happen in a vacuum. Your binge eating is your response to deep emotional pain that you need to process. Many trauma survivors, such as people with a history of abuse or neglect in childhood, binge eat to manage their emotions. Thanks.

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