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May 19, 2012



My comment from last night seems to have disappeared. Anyway, very nice summary of Iceland - its people, culture and language. Must go there some day.

Your observation on blog writing is something that has occurred to me also. The internet has stripped the sacred and bureaucratic formality of writing, making it democratic and magical. Many of us who never aspired to see our own mundane and sometimes unique thoughts in public and in print, began writing with abandon in the crowded halls of the World Wide Web with little foreknowledge of whether those writings will be read by anyone. But we wrote and total strangers gathered to have conversations. It does seem like magic.


I have a crush on Iceland. I love the family sagas and "Independent People" and the little bits of the magical that creep into their historical narratives (the ghosts that haunt relentlessly). Thanks for this post.


The Icelanders' strong embrace of literacy makes itself abundantly, joyfully manifest when one gets on a public bus, takes a seat, and sees affixed to the tubular metal of the seat in front of him a soft-cover book dangling from a chain.

A quick skim revealed that they were childrens' books.

My wife and I, from the U.S., were blown away at the sight of the books, and by the implications they held for Icelandic values.

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