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December 16, 2011



I wish I were as middlebrow as you, Dr Smith.

Hitch paid great tribute to Perry Anderson in this piece: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2006/03/what-8217-s-left/4611/

Gore Vidal's high-minded libertine leftist aestheticism might represent, if you'll forgive the expression, a third way of engaging with the world.


"Would 'death not be not proud' serve as a mot juste here"

Heh. Edit that.

I know you said not to bring it up, but here's the image I've had in mind all day:


"A newly liberated Iraqi citizen responds to the tragic death of Christopher Hitchens"


Exploiting a child whose name and circumstances you don't know and don't really care about, except as a pretext for a cheap shot at a man who's dead and can't respond to you? Now that's really impressive. Giving up on trying to make coherent arguments in words, because that's hard, and just grabbing pictures off the internet instead, because that's easy, only goes to prove Hitchens's point about the truly dire state of the western left.


Thanks Passer-by, I learned from the best. Hitchens was a master of the post-mortem grave-dance, in case you haven't been paying attention.

And you're right, I don't know anything about that girl. She's probably a really big fan of the war that Hitchens spent the last ten years cheerleading. Who wouldn't be?

Ah, fascist boot-lickers. The Internet seems to have a limitless supply. But at least, as of today, there's one fewer.


" fascist boot-lickers"? I couldn't possibly compete with that depth of insight, that devotion to truth, that grasp of complexity. Still, it's good to see that the wankers and monomaniacs Christopher Hitchens fought against are still riled by his work and resentful of his achievements.
Now kindly fuck off and piss on someone else's corpse.

kev fors

passer-by, I tip my hat to you. Well said.


"Now kindly fuck off and piss on someone else's corpse."

No thanks, I'd rather continue pissing on Hitchens'.

Look, lots of people have said it better than I ever will. Greenwald's obit is a pretty good one, here:


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