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August 27, 2011


Michael Mirer

I know it's not where Santorum's objection comes from,but I'm surprised you haven't dealt with the problem of consent. Presumably that's at least one reason we ought to be suspicious of bestiality, at least.


If humans can kill and eat animals, why not justify this?

Justin Smith

'Better screwed than stewed' is how Dan Savage summed up the problem. Until anyone can come up with an equally sharp retort to this dictum, I'll continue treating the issue of consent as a pseudoconcern.


Such strange serendipity -- I assumed, from the title of your post, that it referred to this happy news from Texas regarding the recent legalization of "noodling":


The relevant qoutation from that article being, of course:

"The thrill of catching a catfish with your bare hands only rivals having sex for the first time"

This is the dawning of the age of man-on-catfish action.

The Jerk

"I am a philosopher by vocation, and this means most importantly that it is my job to investigate presuppositions. This vocation is not incompatible with religious faith, or even with saintliness."

Wow. You seem to have written that sentence sincerely. Wow. That level of self delusion is even more shocking, unintentionally funnier, and sadder than your thoughts on "cross-species sex."


In any event I was arguing as much against Corvino as against Santorum, and if you care to take the time to read attentively, you will notice that.

I did notice that, in fact. I arrived here, as you say, from Mark Shea's, expecting something a good deal worse than what I found. You sound like an all-too-rare individual who is actually willing to consider ramifications and "challenge presuppositions". I haven't looked around your blog, but I encourage you to continue challenging the presuppositions of secularism as well as of traditional religion - for instance, the question of whether morality can even be discussed as a meaningful concept without God.

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