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June 5, 2011



The top picture is of fly agaric. As to the bottom - "LBM" lacks pleasing metaphor but it certainly has cultural meaning.

The Modesto Kid

WRT P. Impudicus, a http://birdstuff.blogspot.com/2007/03/those-erotic-mushrooms.html funny story about Charles Darwin's granddaughter Etty -- she rooted out and burned the stinkhorns in her garden secretly, so as to "protect the purity of thought" of her female servants.

Joel Horman, editor LI Sporeprint

Just to nitpick a bit, the Amanita in the top photo is actually A. rubescens, commonly called The Blusher, for its tendency to redden when bruised. The second photo is of a Turkey Tail, Trametes versicolor and the last is most likely Megacollybia rodmanii, (formerly M. plattyphyla), which inhabits dead wood.


I think Ayurveda classifies mushrooms as food in the mode of Passion.

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