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June 1, 2011


Corey McCall

But surely Heidegger was aware of this connotation of Holzwege as Irrwege? I'd like to think that he was, as it might mitigate some of the less flattering characteristics of his prose. Arguing against this possibility, however, is that Heidegger is one of the least ironic of philosophers (odd, that, from someone who read so much Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and was clearly influenced by both).


Try, try again! Perhap when conditions are not as mosquito-enticing i.e. cooler, less humid. Forests are, indeed, wonderful, infallible places to ponder in (and on).

Also, most certainly there is a correlation with the destruction of wooded, prehistoric "dark"lands, under the guise of so-called progress and enlightenment, and lack of thought. Great post, J.

Supra Strapped NS

Every dog has his day.

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