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June 22, 2011



It doesnt matter how many initials you add, your name will still be generic. Perhaps I am wrong, maybe J.E.H.X.A.A.L.K.D.S.J.F.K.L.A.S.J.D.K.L.A.S.J.D.K.A.S.J.L.F.H.I.U.L.D.B.N.V.K.J.L.N.Z.X.K.H.I.T.L.E.R.J.V.N.K.J.L.D.H.F.K.J.L.A.D.N.F.A.K.L.S.N. Smith
will distinguish you from the rest.
Klaus Gregorsson


"Thus when Kennedy claimed ich bin ein Berliner, in failing to suppress the indefinite article he was in fact announcing to the world that he was a jelly donut and not a resident of Berlin"

Come on Justin, you know better than that. See e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ich_bin_ein_Berliner#Jelly_doughnut_misconception

If I go to Spain and declare "Soy un Americano", nobody thinks I'm calling myself a watered-down cup of espresso, even if I could have removed the ambiguity (but slightly changed the implication of the sentence) by saying "Soy Americano" instead.

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