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March 24, 2011


Willard Stickmore

Hi there, stumbled onto your site just now after looking for... what? I think it was a hacker news link...

Anyway, as Lux pointed out, Muleskinner Blues is a Jimmie Rodgers tune. Credit where due! Merle Haggard copied Rodgers' style here, probably in homage. Rodgers was the 'yodelling cowboy', thus the yodelling. Rodgers can sound dated, but certainly brought it on occasion. "T for Texas/T for Tennessee/T for Thelma, who made a wreck of me." Rough and Rowdy Ways is good; likewise Pistol Packin' Papa. He sang the exemplary Frankie and Johnny. "Out West where the laws don't bother me." Everybody does it in Hawaii. His lyrics are surprisingly blue and often humorous. In the Jailhouse Now, as covered in the Coen brothers movie whose name I can't recall. He did an excellent tune with Lil Hardin and Louis Armstrong, I think one of the blue yodels. I haven't listened over this in years, but I guess this is his best. Rodgers died of TB. Clint Eastwood's Honkytonk Man is based on his life.

I too came up on a diet of the Cramps. I am tickled to see that the Ramones have resurged.

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