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February 5, 2011


Doug French

Oh yeah??!!

Elatia Harris

MM-mm! SO good.

The Worst of Perth

Do they really go on about supporting the troops etc? Or was that a joke?
I do like the sound of the bean dip fotball art though.

John S. Wilkins

Sport is a way of maintaining a warrior class without the expense of actual war - the status of warriors and elite [male] competitive sportsmen remains high after they pass their prime, which is not true of any other form of status acquisition. It also, recently, is big business, which needs no other explanation, although why it is relies upon the former aspect.

I grew up in Melbourne Australia, the home of Aussie Rules Football. I feel much the same about it as you do your kind. Except a small amount of pride that ours actually use their feet on the ball.

Kai Matthews

As I often do on this day, weather permitting, I plan to take a nice solitary walk, the streets being emptier than usual.

Here in Princeton, I grew up with the collegiate version of this martiality; Palmer Stadium was its cement shrine. The feeling for me, in my later childhood especially, was much the same as that of observing my elders in church: wow, they really believe in this. The gemütlichkeit of hot chocolates & stadium blankets on a cold fall day had a undertone of suffocation...

These days I'm mostly reminded of my status as a cultural auslander in this particular aspect when clues to the NY Times crossword have NFL players' names as answers - as if those conversant with Stravinsky's works, NY city politicians and 17th century poets will of course be equally well-versed in current sports minutiae. Piecing together said names via cross clues has a vaguely archeological feel.

George Carlin's bit about the difference between baseball and football ("Baseball is a 19th century pastoral game; football is a 20th century technological struggle"; "Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life; football begins in the fall, when everything is dying", etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om_yq4L3M_I ), complete with a thorough recitation of its militarism, remains for me the best analysis.


I alright, I admit it, the bean dip was pretty great.

The Worst of Perth

And if you'd come out of that closet, you could have used the old joke "Bean dip? I don't care what it's been, what is it now?"


I moved to Toronto from the States three years ago. When I arrived at the office this morning, a colleague asked me in the elevator whether I'd seen "the game". For the first time in my life, I could honestly tell him that I had no idea what he was talking about.

Having attended one (public) high school where the captain of the basketball team and his girlfriend were executed by a gang from the other school after winning a game, and a second (private) high school where the football team filled their weekends with orgies of rape, violent assault, and vandalism, I have to say that that moment of ignorance on the elevator felt terrific.

T.J. Eckleburg

"I seriously do not understand how anyone who does not anchor himself to these ideological docks could nonetheless find something left over in the spectacle to get excited about."

Really? Its either ideology or conformity for the sake or propagating heteronormativity? Millions of people watch and enjoy football and the superbowl and ALL of them fit into one or the other hypothesis?
Thousands of gambling addicts are insulted.

You will not be marginalized for not watching the superbowl or any other sporting event unless you choose to marginalize yourself by making sweeping negative assumptions about those that choose to watch the superbowl.

But hey, some people enjoy football and some people enjoy invented persecution. Whatever blows your hair back...


This is possibly the most pretentious thing i have read in a long time.

Fred K

A model of an idea quite literally spat you out? Maybe that explains your snobby cantankerousness.


I would suggest you read Jon Krakauer's "Where Men Win Glory." In telling Pat Tillman's story, Krakauer takes you inside professional football in a way that makes watching a pro game a different experience, at least for me.

By the way, yesterday's Super Bowl was a terrific game: clean, competitive, and entertaining.


I believe you need to add more false initials in your name - it is still too generic.

Best regards,
Klaus Gregorsson,
the best columnist in the world

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