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November 24, 2010


The Worst of Perth

C'mon. "Kit de 'Big Daddy' de Halloween." is vastly superior. Even from as far away as Western Australia, it immediately brings to mind a vision of a New Orleans Big Daddy, where the gilded smile would surely contain a soupcon more savoire faire than the other surely monolingual daddy.

Your Humble Servant

Cameron Brown

"It is rather that the pseudo-French rendering of the phrase reveals how completely unworthy of being said the original English was."

Peter Sellars achieves a similar effect as Inspector Clouseau.
Pepé le Pew, too.


Gold caps, gold jewelry and gold chains are not modern-day "blackface". They simply refer to a subculture, many of whose followers are of African descent. There's nothing wrong with mocking or paying backhanded tribute to a subculture. Offensive "blackface" imitates physical characteristics over which the real-life possessors have no control -- like skin color, hair texture, or facial features. To suggest that the grotesqueries of hip hop culture are somehow so typical of people of African descent that to draw attention to them is the equivalent of drawing attention to dark colored skin, is pretty offensive in itself.

Justin Smith

Faze, At risk of setting off an infinite regress of offense, I'm going to stick by what I said. In addition I recommend Stanley Crouch on the survival of minstrelsy in hip-hop culture. I don't entirely agree with him, but I do think it's pretty implausible to say that hip-hop, unlike minstrel shows, is not coded black by default, no matter what the actual ancestry of those involved in it is. Anyway even when dressing up like someone else is clearly meant honorifically (e.g., 'redface' or dressing as a Native American) it is still likely to offend. So one should be all the more wary, I think, when the dressing up is not motivated by a desire to honor, but rather by a desire to parody in the spirit of carnival. Why the New Orleans 'Indians' do not offend anyone (for now anyway) is another, complex question.

The Worst of Perth

May I die before having to witness the spectacle of Pepe Le Pew being forced to speak French


For yet more hours of giggly orthoschadenfreude, see http://www.protegez-vous.ca/chronique-hein.html


"Kit de 'Big Daddy' de Halloween".

That's perfectly written in Spanglish. I'm Serious.

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