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October 2, 2010


The Worst of Perth



Had a case with a Justin once. He'd been Troy, but he made the change for branding purposes, to get his practice the echo of Justice.


I know he's suppose to be attractive, but I still think there's something wrong with his face.
Write a new post to push it off the page or whatever the blogjargon is. Please.

And think of "Justin" as "A Man Named Sue" sort of thing except apparently you did it to yourself, if read the previous post correctly.

Matthew Joseph Michael Martinuk

Although I think "Matthew" suits me, it too has a somewhat complicated family history. It was one of my father's middle names - Gerald Matthew Myron Martinuk. But as a young man, my father upgraded Myron to first place and dropped "Matthew," becoming Myron Gerald Martinuk, and, I guess, gave me the name when I finally came along.

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