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July 15, 2010


The Necromancer

Just reading this makes me tired. I can't hold a candle to your productivity, but I certainly share the same burning existential questions(TM). At the risk of sounding completely flaky and cryptic, it's never going to be about the destination.

And I make sure to floss every day...

Sebastian Bitticks

I know how it feels to get a lot of things done, and because you didn't get the writing done, it feels like you've accomplished nothing at all. Flossing. That's what winning a contract, meeting a deadline, and wrapping up a work project feels like to me. Because there is only one measure of success and only one type of accomplishment when you attach your identity to your work. I'm guessing you, like me, are guilty of this. Course, I've had no success at all, so I'm doubly foolish.

For me, at least, there is either that wind-at-your-back feeling of progress made on a worthy writing project, or toil.

Presently, I feel that the grind will be the grind until I work out a process that keeps the doubt reliably at bay. Ah, the juggling continues... Gotta get paid, gotta screw, gotta blow off steam, gotta stay fit, gotta read, careercareer and drinkydrinky. Someday I'll be well-fed and senile, and then I'll see these as the good old days!

Take care, my man.

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