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June 6, 2010



Live golf? Bonk a plug, gulp a knob, flog evil!


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Greg Travis

I've become enamored of text that sounds like it is a palindrome, but isn't. For example,"Tod spat a new rod to a door when they snap a pot."

You might wonder what the point of this is, or note that there's no real challenge to it.

But the connection between the rule that defines "palindrome" and the particular way palindromes sound in any given language is subtle; imitating the sound without matching the rule is therefore interesting.

Okay, maybe it's not *that* interesting, but it's funny.


No, Mel Gibson is a casino's big lemon.


God! I, Ahab, revenge Leporello, holler 'O Peleg'? Never, Baha'i dog!

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