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June 3, 2010



To join in the essentializing: I've recently noticed that the tastes of an Italian friend for non-Italian music has a marked 'Time Life Classics of Rock' quality to it. Of course this could be explained by, say, song acquisition via iTunes; but it might yet reflect the strength of influence of "glitzy television reviews" in that Catholic land.
I wonder though, what do you make of the successful and vibrant Quebec metal scene (with whatever sub and sub-sub genres that includes)? Is it a special case of a more general theory given its colonial heritage?

Jani Hakkarainen

Of course, we are! ;-)

Justin Smith

Cameron: The Quebecois metal scene is easy to explain: it is a direct consequence of the decline of the Catholic church's prestige in the period of the Quiet Revolution.


What does it say about Finnish intellectuals that
they prefer ephemeral pop music sub-genres to chamber music?
Whatever the link of metal music to their society, at least the more musically inclined would gain from growing up and listening to more ambitious music, don't you think?


Oh Henri, have you listened to any of the music? Personally, it's not to my taste - but the stuff I've heard is not at all unambitious.
Your judgement of the entire genre as ephemeral is also questionable, and probably routed in misplaced snobbery.

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