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May 7, 2010


The Necromancer

"oil paintings still yield up details when studied closely that are not apparent in electronic reproduction". On a fundamentally empirical level, this is why you went. Might say it's the Hum(e)an in you. Sorry.

But seriously, I look forward to wandering around that Duran Duran-esque space in a couple of weeks as well.

And, I suspect, my hike along the Cathar trail in the following weeks will be more rewarding than ordering Holy Blood and Holy Grail on Amazon...

Robert Persson

One thing exhibits in museums have is weight. If the objects drop they will bang or they will crash into bits or they will flutter to the floor. You cannot experience being in the presence of weight on-line. I'm tempted to say that at this time in the visual arts, nothing is more important than weight.

Imad Asaalwa

To Robert Persson: what would u say if the electronic reproduction complete its Permeation in human will.. leading him to have the electronic ability to move any Masterpiece in the museum.. then it may be crash into bits or it will flutter to the floor. even baudrillard when he wrote "System of Objects" or "The Conspiracy of Art"(2005)he was talking about the system of values too, including The weight of an object

a lot of thanks to u Mr. Smith

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