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November 3, 2009


Stephen Menn

I was in a Second Cup Tuesday morning when someone came in and announced loudly that the illuminated cross on Mt. Royal was purple--something that, at least according to local folklore, happens only when the Pope dies. When I got to the office in the afternoon I looked at the NY Times on the web, expecting to see the news story and an obit, but discovered instead that the Pope was apparently alive and that Lévi-Strauss was dead. Perhaps that explains the cross?

Justin E. H. Smith

Well my pope died, anyway. As for the lights on Mt. Royal, they're probably just getting ready.

John Maas

I'm wondering where the photo you used here came from? The most common one out at the moment (NYT, Guardian,etc.) shows L-S in the same place at a different moment without the 'other'. Not to say that they are editorializing.

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