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February 2, 2016



So you are going to learn sanskrit. memorize upanishad and singing in verse to Whom?
It is story of Farming Culture that existed 5000 years ago.
New information has come in since that time which obviates the need to do such thing which can answer all of Man's Question but obviously you have look outside the literature world.
Besides greatest Literature export of India is Panchatantra but you collegues will
laugh at for liking children stories.
Or How about Panini's Rules of Grammar which were unsurpassed for 2000 years until 20th century. Those are also in Sanskrit which you can also memorize.

When I was in my 20s I thought Joseph Campbell's work was out of this world
but Now I see as just another Snake Oil Salesman just like Deepak Chopra except Deepak is only fooling Western women nothing better to do.

You want to ask Why all the Sanskrit scholarship happens in the Western Universities. And if any non-club member raises their voice they are called communal and childish by the Indologists.

Just Hundred years ago White Man was laughing at Yoga, Tatoos, Nose Rings
as inferiors. Now You want cultural appropriations for you self without hint of Irony.


Here is song from an Indian movie named "Chand Mere Aaja (196)"
You can listen to it in youtube if you wish.
This song will tell you more about todays world then any story from 5000 years ago. I am just going to paste the lyrics by "Ishwar Chand Kapoor" without translating. I will leave that for your curiosity.

O paise waloon
O paise waloon kaisa tumhara ye sansar hai (2)
Jhoote ki jeet yahan sacche ki har hai (2)
O Paise waloon kaisa tumhara ye sansar hai
O Paise Waaloon

Bade bade bazaar sajakar gali gali mein dhol bajakar
Sona dikhla peetal dekhe inke paise pure leete
Dil ke sauda jaan ka sauda hota hai imaan ka sauda
Khoon pasina bik jata hai maut aur jeena bik jata hai
Pooch raha hoon tumse bolo kaisa ye buhar hai
O paise waloon kaise tumhara ye sansar hai
O paise waloon

Aansoo lelo aahein lelo hasrat lelo chahen lelo
Tambe ka ek tukde phakon toote dil ki duain lelo
Gore gore gaal hai bikte kale kale baal hai bikte
bike jawani bike bhudapa sab bikta hai ghar ho bhanka
loot chuke ho duniya sari is par bhi takrar hai
O paise waloon kaise tumhara ye sansar hai
O paise waloon

Sapnon ki duniya ko choodo asliyat se moon na modo
Kab tak jhuti shaan rahegi do din to ye jaan rahegi
Saaz same ka bol raha hai raaz ke sare khol raha hai
Jo nirdhan hai jo be-ghar hai woh bhi kafi takatvaar hai
Kaaj ki hadiya chal ke rahegi khota hai ye beypaar hai
O paise waloon kaise tumhara ye sansar hai (2)
O paise waloon

Max Ryan

definitely think you should give up writing


I think it was Updike who talked about the "Homer of the Zulus" but maybe my memory is playing tricks. I am really happy that all the Indian classics are being published (in a bilingual format like the Loeb Classics).

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