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November 18, 2014


Lew Dog

Fun analysis. Does anyone seriously believe that Russian power brokers are trying to reconstitute The Soviet Union, though. No matter how deeply you stick your nose into political theory that seems pretty preposterous.


Thank you for the article and for the translation. That Orbán's "regime sponsors or threatens pogroms against Roma and Jews," though, is factually false. The current Hungarian government is quite awful but this is not one of the major problems with it. I also think that "fascist" is a misnomer even though in some aspects the government comes scaringly close (e.g. by talking about the opposition and the "left-liberals" as "free floating", "rootless", "homeless" agents as opposed to the true Hungarians of the land, with obvious proximity to the anti-semitic discourse of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.) The regime borrows a lot from anti-semitic discourse when talking about e.g. international financial forces, but I am quite convinced that the leadership of the party genuinely repudiates anti-semitism and is not more anti-Roma than most opposition politicians, and much less than the average Hungarian citizen. If I am wrong and you happen to know any instance in which the regime (and not the Jobbik party) sponsored or threatened such pogroms, please let me know.


Hi Justin, thanks for the excerpts. Any idea where we can find a full English translation of Dugin's Foundations of Geopolitics?

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