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March 25, 2014


Rupert Neil Bumfrey

A good read on this Wednesday morning, thank you

O.K. Sudesh

unbelievable writing! it moved me greatly ....

thank you.

J. P. Killingsworth

And I too thank you---with laughter and tears. What mistakes were made! What foolishness---and joy. Your observations and insights are astounding.

Ben Schwartz

This was touching, truly.

Norma Horrell

I know everyone Erik is talking about. He sounds very snobbish to me. His grandparents were my grandchildrens great-aunt and great-uncle.
Norma Horrell


Hi Norma,

I was appreciating a few years ago, during a visit to a Sacramento Barnes & Noble, your contributions to Joyce Buckland's history of Rio Linda and Elverta. Thank you for that!

As for snobbery, it's a complicated issue, I suppose. One can simultaneously feel inadequate in view of one's origins, and also feel shame for feeling inadequate rather than simply being proud to be who one is. That's how I would characterize my own feelings for much of my life (though these issues fade more and more into irrelevance as I get older).

Anyhow from my perspective this reads like a love-letter to Rio Linda: it is overflowing with longing and nostalgia, and with esteem for people of my grandparents' generation and their way of life!

Ordinarily it is embarrassing to me when my close family, my mother and father in particular, read what I write. But in this case, criticized by someone from my extended family, I'm immensely happy to know that at least I have all their support and encouragement.


Carole Koupal Johnson

You know Erik (Justin), I kind of felt the same way when my parents first moved me from the big city of Sacramento where I had all the amenities that life could offer for the times (1945). Teenage years are fragile to say the least but here I found myself in the middle of 5 acres in Rio Linda w/o my long time city friends. Lonesome and depressed and wondering what I did to deserve this. Previously I had walked to High School just a few blocks from home and here I was at a street corner (no sidewalks) waiting in the dark for a school bus to come and pick me up for school. I was frightened to say the least………the big bus came, the door opened, I kept my head down and entered but alas!!! The "kids' were singing 99 bottles on the shelf, someone handed me a dentyne gum, asked my name and sat down by me.
I need say more Erik, those friends on that bus are still with me today 70 years later. I have to tell you that moving to RL was the best thing that ever happened to me.


What a nice, touching memory, Carole. Thank you for that!


I should perhaps clarify one point. I am not endorsing what is said in the Sacramento Bee article. I think it is filled with horrible anti-rural, anti-poor prejudices, and I find it disheartening that such a thing could be printed in such a lighthearted vein. But the existence of this sort of stuff helps to explain where the feeling of inadequacy that I was trying to describe comes from as one ventures out into the world from Rio Linda.


This is so beautiful! You write with genuine affection about Rio Linda, and your childhood. And also describe such a true little boy's curiosity, enthusiasm, and empathy for animals, the real kind, and the animals of a child's imagination.


Beautiful writing. I grew up next door to Rio Linda until the mid 80's and as an African-American, I don't have great memories of that place. Mixed feelings.... Great bait shop and weekly trips there to the egg ranch.

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