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March 9, 2014


Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

This is a wonderful post! I am thinking about the etymology and use of philosophy in signed languages in a project I call "Deaf philosophy". You might be interested to learn that in American Sign Language the sign for 'philosophy' has changed over the past few decades through initialization (from the sign for WISE/WISDOM with an X-handshape to a P-handshape). Unfortunately, I do not know what the sign looked like in Old American Sign Language, or in Old French Sign Language (from which OASL is partially derived). There is also a sign for 'philosophy' that is used in international deaf academic (signing) contexts that differs from the ASL word. It is interesting that it has the same initial location at the dominant hand temple, but uses a very different movement and handshape.

Silver Fox

chaos, mayhem, crisis.. uncertainty is contagious. at least at the campus level. relax folks, this batch of deconstructed chatterwockies will disappear into the bin marked "who?" time to clean out your own bin huh?

Jay Chetram

An excellent article, long over due, Justine. Clear and robust argumentation


Very insightful. I wonder now what 'wisdom' means...

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