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February 1, 2014


Antti Nannimus

Hi Cathrine,

Don't you actually mean 0.1875 litres, which of course, would be exactly 3/16th of a litre? Even so, that is an awkward portion, since after 5 days, there would still be 1/16th of a litre remaining in a one-litre bottle. What the hell would you do with that?

Have a nice day,

Antti Nannimus

Hey Cathy,

Oh geez, now I get it. A regular bottle of wine is only 3/4 liter = 12/16th litre, so the math works out in your favor. This because your daily 3/16th of a litre = one whole bottle (3 X 4 = 12) per every four days.

I still have a little problem with your .187 decimal measure though. But I'll get over it.

Still having a nice day,

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