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June 18, 2013



Whitman, however, was able to praise A without damning B, which would have been a better approach than feeling sufficiently insecure about Whitman that one has to slag on Nietzsche. The world is big enough for both of them.


Wow,you can only read Whitman in small doses coz unlike Glen Beck you are just too insecure about your masculinity to just boo hoo already and splatter all with your tears.
Like Glen, you got the gift of the gab but, since you don't listen to yourself, you can't edit yourself.
There is no subject on which you can speak without rapidly lapsing into hilarious untruth.
WTF is this dude?- 'I would be a sad and stunted person (person? You don't have a gender, even when you speak of yourself? Newsflash, that means you are indeed a sad person who genuinely can't tell your own ass from a hole in the ground and thus sodomitically pleasure yourself. Which, I guess, stunted your growth coz you were probably planning to sit on like the Washington monument which sure would stretch you out) if I were to agree (with whom pray tell? Who wants you to agree with them? Why do they want it? Are you sure you aint telling lies?) to those ideas and texts that fit narrowly within my professional discipline (Discipline? You have discipline? Collocationally, the mot juste in this context is 'compass' . You gratuitously expose yourself to ridicule by saying 'discipline'.
Satire, goat song, it is difficult not to write. Well not when reading your shite you 'goat kept in a stall too small for it to butt.(WTF? Do you really know nothing about goat keeping? I thought you were all sorts of blue collar? Doing philosophy, which is what you don't, is about watching what you say- not being a whining swine. You really wanna be the West Coast Roger Scruton?)
How fucking stupid are your students? How fucking illiterate are you- what does this mean 'Now it's all Melville and Whitman and the ecstatic birth of the American empire'
Did you not read David Foster Williams Infinite Jest?
Are you seriously saying something as trite and foolish as this, NOW,- I am writing from Ottawa, June, 2013 (amused by the prediction in Whitman’s 1871 prose work, Democratic Vistas, that by the second centennial --thus by 1976-- both Cuba and ‘Kanada’ would be included among ‘these States’). Naturally I reject Whitman's aggressive imperialism, his promotion of the ideology of manifest destiny, and his unflinching devotion to the 19th-century cult of progress. But even as I stand in my own place in my own day, &c., I still sense that my own relation to Whitman's prophecy must be more than a casual perusal or an intent regard.

You don't know History, you can't do Philosophy, you write ignorant shite. You are incapable of coming up with a single new insight.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Don't parade your nakedness here you fucking mendacious intellectual mendicant. You've got tenure or whatever the fuck it is that cunts like you get to shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
You make Brentwood look bad.

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