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February 2, 2013



Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. I'd however humbly draw your
attention from the surface level voluptuary homoerotic interpretaton
to a deeper, set-theoretic commentary on the foundations of philosophy
of mathematics and science.

Far from hillbilly simpletons, Jimmie Riddle and Jackie Phelps present
their ingenious solution to the infamous Russell's paradox
(@4:54). The video unfortunately cuts too early, leaving us with a
Fermatian enigma in its margin: what are the implications of Eefin and
Hambone on Gödel's incompletness theorem? Let us hope it won't take
over 350 years to fully grasp Riddle's and Phelps' groundbraking

Abbas Raza

As my friend Morgan put it to me: "How could we never have gotten his point that he is essentially a low culture guy? I mean he says it right there, he doesn't believe there is anything more earnest in Ernstkultur than in Unterhaltung at all!!!!!"


Jim Poston

What a great observation about art, what constitutes it and how we elevate certain types of art to the exclusion of other types. Capital is the princpal reason for the categorization and selling of art.

Do you draw a distinction at all between "high-brow, low brow" art. Is there any rational criteria that can be applied to discern a difference. I suspect your answer is an emphatic NO. Is Lady Ga Ga as talented as Placido Domingo?


Some very interesting observations you have here , I was just looking at jims Comment bout Lady Ga Ga, I guess that all depends on how you look at it - beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-)


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