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April 19, 2011



And hard to believe that timor mortis did not touch the pre-Fichtean not-yet-META-physical self. The Kaulong will have to join the end of a long queue of people differentiating self/breath and person/role. Including 'us'? I think we're already standing in that line.

But you also touch another feature of self and timor mortis: is it our self, or our person, that is concerned with those essentially intersubjective interactive experiences and awarenesses, such as who will walk the dog, who will cook the dinner for the household, who will publish (to the mass of strangers)?

Thanks for the luxurious riffing on Mauss, person, persona, self. I want to quote it. May I? For something on the rhetoric of the person...for an online journal. Or would you rather I wait for paper publication?


Michael, Naturally you can cite the post. It's only fitting, since my citations of Mauss are from your 1985 Cambridge volume (which is great, by the way, and I don't think there's been much like it since). Mea culpa for leaving footnotes out in the blog post (a topic in itself); they did make it into the actual paper.

Doug K

thank you, the Burton quotes are marvellous.

on the sidebar of my weblog is a quote from EB White,
"all writing is both a mask and an unveiling, and the question of honesty is uppermost.."

the idea of the weblog as gravestone is new to me but of course it makes perfect sense once revealed..

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