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December 8, 2010



"Brian Leiter thinks that this something is really just a difference of quality, with 'analytic' standing in for 'high quality' and 'continental' for 'low'"

Would it be too much to ask where I *ever* said that? I'd be curious about the evidence, since this isn't my view, or even close to my view.

Justin Smith

Brian: I added a new paragraph attempting to give a more adequate account of your view. I'll be interested to know if you think I'm getting closer.


Thanks for the emendation. I have to say I do not think SPEP is the "principal" organization promoting Continental philosophy. SPEP represents some faculty interested in Continental philosophy, but there are large numbers of scholars working in and on the Continental traditions who have nothing to do with SPEP, and want nothing to do with SPEP. Most of those philosophers work through the APA. SPEP is just a fringe group, whose membership derives overwhelmingly from literally 12-15 philosophy departments in North America (Penn State, Stony Brook, Emory, Northwestern still to some extent, DePaul, Dusquesne, Vanderbilt, a handful of others), and then a lot of non-philosophers also attend their meetings. I think it does a real disservice to the Continental traditions in philosophy to perpetuate the myth that SPEP is their champion.


you might like this:


Matt Crow

You may or may not like Agamben's The Signature of All Things (Zone), especially the last essay on philosophical archaeology. Touches a similar vein, no?

Great post.


"I think it does a real disservice to the Continental traditions in philosophy to perpetuate the myth that SPEP is their champion."


I wish someone had told me about this before I went to the recent SPEP conference, which was dull and, frankly, totally disheartening for a phenomenology newbie.

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