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March 23, 2009


James Falbour

I can't follow you in your assessment of the book's importance. I did read the book and was quite bored by it. The problem is that all the so-called taboos that are broken in this book are outdated, have been broken many times before (remember the Hippie movement?) and aren't being broken in an at least mildly interesting way.

Also, the writing skills, as Roche will quickly admit, are pedestrian at best. This is very plain language, but not the clever, Houllebecq sort of plain. This is plain because the author isn't good at writing, plain and simple.

Maybe I am biased because of Roche. I always thought of her as a person who is only interested in fame and money, and will change her views and morals a bit too quickly and easily, in order to always stay ahead of the crowd. She became famous on the "being edgy and always saying quirky things" ticket. Now, with her success, intelligent people in Germany pointed out that her edginess is only a fad. She then quickly changed her image and now always stresses how "normal" she is, basically a 180 degree turn. To me, that embodies the blueprint of a shallow German hipster, and accordingly, most of her fans are shallow hipsters who will mistake confused rambling with deep intellectualism.

All this is purely adolescent fare. But adolescents are the "Herrenrasse" of the 21st century, so I guess we are in for more pretentiousness dressed up as taboo-breaking.

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